So, You Think You Love Horses? Some Reflections on the Nature of Horses and Man

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Table of Comparison Horse and Motor Vehicle

Available in Variety of Colors Yes Yes
On-Board Computer Yes Yes
Remains Stationary if Unattended Yes (in most jurisdictions) Very Doubtful
Power Steering Yes Yes
Power Breaks Yes Usually will stop
Convenient means of Egress Yes Mostly happens as planned
Keyless entry Yes Yes
Dual Air Intake Yes Yes
Non-Polluting No, a Major Pollution Source Mostly (produces some methane gas)
Adapted to bio-fuels Rarely Completely
Manual Override Four Speed
Optional Yes
Capable of Jumping Barriers Yes, but it never ends well Yes
Capable of Crossing Water Limited Mostly
Capable of Correcting Operator Error Mostly not Often
Capable of Depositing Drunk on Doorstep No Often
(Historical Interest Only)
Fully Integrated Sound System Yes No, but who wants to hear that garbage anyhow
Suitable for a Prom Date Yes No
Suitable for a Polo Match No, but I am sure someone has tried Yes
Navigation System Optional Better than most riders
Acquisition Cost Fairly high Mostly low
Operating Cost High High
Unique Front and Rear Fascias Optional Maybe, who knows what that is anyhow
Average Turning Radius Over 20 feet About Six Feet or less
Acceleration Time 0 to 60 mph About 10 Seconds Never quite gets there
Average Single Owner Life Span 4.5 years and 41,000 miles Many, many more years
Self replicating No Yes, but we do not suggest the gelding model


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