So, You Think You Love Horses? Some Reflections on the Nature of Horses and Man

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Brief Introductory Comments and Acknowledgments

The Accidental Horseman and The Chestnut Mare (times past)
chestnut mare 24

The purpose of this web site is to introduce a person to the world of horses and equestrianism in a way that is humorous but is also informative. It is a little known and interesting place filled with drama, excitement, beautiful animals and unusual people. I adopt the persona of the “Accidental Horseman.” He is the hapless and uninitiated spouse of a woman whose absolute passion is riding horses. That persona is not far from the truth. However, the “Accidental Horseman” that you image in your mind’s eye when you read my stories may be far different than the real person. Not wishing to spoil the effect, I am an anonymous writer. Others far better than I have used that same device. I am a big fan of Mark Twain, Bill Bryson (author of A Walk in the Woods and others), Alf Wight (the true James Herriot in All Creatures Great and Small) and also of Garrison Keillor’s radio monologues. Stories always improve with the telling, and it may be that I have occasionally used a small measure of artistic license for dramatic effect. However, the historian in me is uncomfortable with any major departure from the truth. Like anyone recounting history, other participants might remember the events differently or have a different take on them. For example, the German riding instructor, whom I accuse of playing chicken with his students during the jumping lesson, would certainly deny it. I am sure that after seeing my wife working in the ring he knew she had the ability to take the jumps, but what was his point with the other students?

I would also like to acknowledge the many people who have helped me develop this site. My wife, the True Horsewoman, has acquiesced to my telling humorous stories that might have challenged some other people’s ability to be a good sport. She has also functioned as my editor. I have gotten a number of great suggestions from my friends in the horse world with whom I shared my work in progress. I feel gratitude for those people and institutions that have helped me with images and are identified with photo credits. This is very much a work in progress and I hope that you find it both entertaining and informative.

The Accidental Horseman and his Horse (time passes)
chestnut mare 24

The Accidental Horseman.

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