So, You Think You Love Horses? Some Reflections on the Nature of Horses and Man

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A Few Links: Image of a Pelham Bit

While I am doing my on-line fact checking, I have been finding various sites that I think are informative, well-done, attractive or, in a few cases, very similar in concept to mine. It seems a shame to keep them to myself, so I will compile a page of links. I am also including web sites of various organization that we have been active with. Certain links may be down. If I am unable to restore them they will be deleted.

Large Sites with Varied Content

Institutions with a Focus on Horses

Visual Images of Horse

Horses and History

Places I like to Ride

We all have our favorites and I know that some may disagree with my characterization of some of the parks. There are also riding opportunities at many of the local reservoirs but most of them have not been specifically maintained as riding areas and do not have designated horse trainer parking areas. Get to know trail riding by joining organizations that sponsor rides at sites you do not know.

Horse Rescue

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