So, You Think You Love Horses? Some Reflections on the Nature of Horses and Man

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Links to Other Sites regarding Horses


A Few Links: Image of a Pelham Bit

While I am doing my on-line fact checking, I have been finding various sites that I think are informative, well-done, attractive or, in a few cases, very similar in concept to mine. It seems a shame to keep them to myself, so I will compile a page of links. I am also including web sites of various organization that we have been active with and places I like to trail ride. Certain links may be down. If I am unable to restore them they will be deleted.

Large Sites with Varied Content


Institutions with a Focus on Horses

Introducing Young People to Horsemanship

Equine Organizations

horse shoe

Visual Images of Horses


Equine Photographers

Horses and History

Famous Horses and Horses and Legends

Places I like to Ride Horses (Central Maryland/ South Central Pennsylvania Area)


Horse Behavior

Horse Heath, Anatomy and Physiology

Riding Stables in Maryland Area


Rider at Full Moon Farm Show
(Courtesy Meredith Lanham)

Horse Rescue and Placement

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